10 Things That Make Life More Ok.

1. Jelly Beans.
I can't live without them, honestly I can't.

2. Marmite.
It's another of those Coke / Pepsi type world divisions...
Love it.

 3. My Job.
I'd be nothing without the kids I teach. Besides which fact, I fall apart without my routine.

4. My Bear.
Yes... It's quite silly and a little bit... embarrassing cos I'm not really the teddy 'type'... but he is just very reliable and he never needs to say anything cos he just has this look in his eyes... and yes... silly... and I'll stop now before I make myself sound even more pathetic than I just have...

5. The Gym.
But... this one is... complex. Let's just say it's a necessary evil.

6. Country Music.
Nothing makes me feel more happy or more 'heard' than a country song. (Shhh... It's a bit of a secret)

7. My Car (and this is normally combined with No.6)
I love driving. Unfortunately, the police love sending speeding tickets.... :(

8. Whisky
Yep. The hard stuff.
I love a good single malt whisky. Particularly the Islay ones... and while we're on alcoholic beverages....

9. ...Ginger Wine.
I have a glass of this most nights. It does wonders for IBS and I honestly think it's God's gift to calm the chaotic mind.

10. Natural Beauty...
... speaks for itself.

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