Saturday, 5 May 2012

We Sell Emotions - !

My folks recently came back from a trip to beautiful Tuscany; a celebration of forty years of their marriage.
I was amused to see a bag which used English (as places here use other languages to add to their 'classy' appeal).
It's the stuff of Dahl or Blyton!

As a very young kid I devoured Enid Blyton's 'Faraway Tree'. Something about the concept of selling emotions rushes me back to the bright and magical lands that appeared at the top of the tree... Bustling market stalls run by wizened old men and sprightly gnomes selling swirling magic potions and, perhaps, emotions.
Funny. I detested all fairy stories and as a rule, still avoid the entire Fantasy / Sci fi genre like the plague. 


How much for a couple of pounds of peace, two punnets of hopefulness and a slice of joy?


  1. Hello Love - wonderful thoughts and reflections. And I think the price is a few dollars worth of surrender and faith.
    Loving you

  2. Thanks Gail! Surrender... Yes! I think you my be on to something there...
    ... Food for thought (no pun etc)