Sunday, 19 May 2013

Facts and Figures. It's All or Nothing

Three Months - One Stone (6.3kg)  = Slow Downward Trend

Based on current rate

BMI 16.1
- 1 Stone  (3 months)

 = BMI  13.6 by end of August

I'm trying so hard to keep fighting but I'm doing a really intensive teaching course (English as a foreign language) and I'm finding it very hard to focus on both the input sessions, assignments, lesson planning and teaching, and the battle against Anorexia. 

I must write here more. The intention is there but I find the drive towards perfection kills my ability to even begin. 
This is so typical of somebody who has 'all or nothing' thinking. 


  1. HI LOVE - I am just so glad to "see" you, working and complaining about work, just like folks do. I love the normalcy of that. I hope for a feeling of normalcy every day....
    Love to you

  2. Thanks so much Gail. Yes. Normality is good. Very. I pray you can feel some too.