Monday, 18 November 2013

On The Way To Recovery

As I drive to my place of cold
Morning sun streams
Over frosted fields

Recovery is a wing
Pierced by blades
Of winter grass.


  1. HGello love - S happy to "see" you. Phew. You are a miracle and on my Thanksgiving gratitude list. You inspire.....
    Love Gail

  2. Gail! I'm so touched that I'm on your Thanksgiving list! I like the idea of having one of these. I seriously need one at the mo. Thanks. As you can see, you continue to inspire me too!

  3. Hi again - I can't believe how man typos were in my first comment. Good Lord! :-) I really am so happy to "see" you. I thought of you often as you bravely faced another level of your journey to wellness. Savor every moment along the way because each one has merit and purpose to justify the means. I swear it's true. Even when some mom,ents are tragic and horrid to imagine, embrace and live, hang on...............................

    love Gail