Sunday, 17 July 2011

Fascinating Trivia

When I attended a review meeting at the unit this week, I caught up with some of the lovely girls from my group.
One of them asked me what I was doing with my days and it got me thinking...
Because my weight has dropped a little, I am finding concentration very difficult. I am also spending vast amounts of time walking about, an anorexic 'behaviour' really.
Anyway, what follows is a list of some random information.

Currently reading: How The Light Gets In - A fantastic first novel by M.J Hyland who creates a complex and fascinating protagonist, a young exchange student whose troubled life leaves her desperate to both 'fit in' and 'escape' almost simultaneously.
A Purpose Driven Life (Rick Warren). My spiritual reading being almost zilch over the past year, I decided that the title of this popular book sounded like something the doctor might order. The two and a half chapters I've read so far, have confirmed this instinct.
Being True To Life (David Richo) - A random find on a rickety table outside a secondhand bookshop last weekend. The whole purpose of this book is to inspire the reader to write poetry. Flicking through, I was instantly captivated by the lines:
I'm too depressed
To write a poem
Yet here it is
Simple. Brilliant. Truth.
So far, I've only read the introduction.

Currently Listening To: The Avett Brothers - I And Love And You - Loving this album at the moment!
Fleet Foxes - Helplessness Blues -Quirky, choral, undoubtedly indebted to Simon and Garfunkel for inspired melodies.
Mumford and Sons - Sigh No More - What an Album!
Anything country, as per usual really.

Currently Watching: T.V series, The Apprentice (even though I hate Alan Sugar and the absolute unbridled arrogance of the contestants!)
Film - Mystic River, which I turned off halfway through cos my attention span is short right now.

Currently coveting: The Canon 430D SLR camera, although I have also looked at the Canon SX30 IS. I am passionate about photography and would love to take it up as a proper hobby. However, I am reluctant to 'rush' into anything at the moment and these cameras are very expensive.

Currently Enjoying Eating: Tesco Goulash Hearty Soup This is one very good low calorie meal if you halve it and add the odd new potato and salad! (Not that I should be doing low cal in a big way but...)

Currently Creating: Felt Flowers (er... yeah... I'm not sure either but hey... I have some time to spare between the hours of 4 and 6 most mornings).
My Recovery Project Scrapbook is still looking sparse (but not quite as sparse as my recovery itself - ho ho ho, tounge in cheek, hurts a bit to laug, etc etc...). I'm trying to complete a page about scales and numbers.
And there you have it. An assortment of trivia.

Anyone want to share in a similar fashion? Feel free to reply in comments.


  1. HI WS
    wow, look at you, interested in other stuff, wow, I love it.!! I am reading "The Help". And I am adjusting to the limits and freedoms of my health issue, MS. So many folks don't understand.And probably don't care to. I have decided if you want to be in my life you have to understand my health. Amen.
    Love to you and all your courage which inspires me so......

  2. So lovely to hear from you Gail... Have been thinking about you and wondering how you were doing...
    Understand how MS is such an integral part of your existence that the acceptance and understanding of this is essential for your relationships with others to be real.
    I know very little about it except that it can be a devastatingly restrictive condition which limits movement and makes for a real struggle, for both the sufferer and the loved ones.
    My heart goes out to you Gail. You are so brave and offer so much encouragement to others.

    I recently read 'The Help' and loved it!
    It makes me smile to think of you reading it on the other side of the world!

    Much love

  3. All those books listed have entered my amazon basket! I love that poem. My canon has died on me and I miss it enormously. I finished my felt flowers, funnily enough, only a couple of week ago. They hang on a huge fallen branch I discovered on a walk out. I do enjoy your blog, you know. Very much. :-) Pixie

  4. Hi WS - I like this. A sharing of what interests you right now. We should all do a little more of this I think. As for your felt flowers well I say any outlet of creativity is a wonderful and therapeutic endeavor. I have recently purchased acrylic paints and all that goes with them. It's an integral part of my desire to create something without judgement and to experiment with color and technique in whatever way I choose. While I have to continually remind myself that I am allowed to paint anything I want in any way that I want. There is no right or wrong, no good or bad simply what I want to do at any given moment.

    This is me learning to live the way I want in the way I want without regard to the opinions of others or the need to excel at it.

    I'm currently listening to an artist by name of Eric Harry. A pianist. Excellent, excellent music. I love the dude.

    Good stuff. Enjoy your felt flowers.


  5. Happy Two Year, WonderingSoul. Or, as I read it then, WanderingSoul. I'm impressed that you have stuck with this blog. How are things with The Woman these days? I hope you can find your way to where you want to be. It makes me almost angry sometimes that you are still flailing; I wish I could make you get better. But I know it has to be the way you need it to be, in your own time. I really want you to figure out where, how, when, and why. It's true I want you to get better for me; I will feel relief. But I really do want it for you too, I want YOU to feel relief, peace, ok. (And maybe you don't need to "get better" - maybe you are exactly the way you need to be.)



  6. Hey WS.....Havne't read any of the books you mentioned...have to check them out........Me - I love Anne Lamott and her down to earth shoot from the hip style so I picked up her latest "Imperfect Birds." Can't wait to get into it. Stay strong out there and cool....

  7. Hey Pixie, thanks for stopping by. It sounds as tho we have a lot in common in terms of creative tastes! I love the idea of your felt flowers hanging from a branch... Beautiful!

    JSS - Yep, the constant necessity of that reminder, that you are 'allowed' to paint whatever and however... It's a tough one. I have a ton of art stuff I can't start because I'm so afraid of something... of finding nothingness in me perhaps...
    I identify strongly, as always.
    Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. x

    Faith - Wow. Two years! I wasn't even aware of that...
    Thanks for your comment. I can understand, I guess, that it irritates that I am still 'flailing'. I guess life is just a bit like that really... Things don't tend to get resolved in a straightforward fashion too often (unfortunately).
    I hope for peace sometime soon. For you too. x

    Hey Sarah - Anne Lamott... Yep.. heard of her and may have read some but can't think offhand. Will check out 'Imperfect Birds' though, particularly as I now have rather a lot of time on my hands...
    Thank you for being here still. x

  8. So wonderful to hear of your interests. You are often in my thoughts, still... with love and hope.


  9. Ahhh Melissa... as you are so often in mine.
    I haven't looked into the forum for some time... but I will... in the hope of hearing how you are.

    Love to you and - thank you for still being here.


  10. Hi WS, it's nice to read about some of your interests. I saved up a year for the Canon T2i that I bought. I don't regret spending the money at all. I love photography as well and have another blog that is mainly photos. I read a lot but for some reason except for a few I never remember the author's names. Anyway I just want to let you know you are often in my thoughts.