Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Graffiti That Grabbed Me

Taking a shortcut down a small alley the other day, I came across this message stencilled on a wall.
Ignoring the somewhat sinister effect of the dripping paint... the message itself brought a little flame of hopefulness in the midst of all the dark.

"You're Gonna Be Okay".
The feather-gentle sinking into reassurance. A warm blanket round the shoulders of a shaking crash victim.

Reckon we could all do with hearing that phrase sometimes. 


  1. Hello love - and to be 'open' to the message, to 'see' its meaning your life is the greater miracle here. I am beyond thrilled. YOU are amazing.
    Love Gail
    peace.....p.s. when you get a moment please go see my last two posts, the song on the second to last one "My Declaration" I think you will so appreciate.

  2. I am often in wonder when something likes this comes in such a timely manner and so it seems 'out of the blue'. But I believe we are meant to see what we see. And I'm glad you saw this and thank you for sharing. Something I need to see as well. I am thinking of you...

  3. Dear Gail - I loved the song... Beautiful lyrics and so so apt. More than just a 'listening to' type of song... it's one of those, 'feeling it' ones! I'm going to try to download it myself (once I've played it again!).
    Thank you so much for sharing it. You were right! I did so appreciate it!

    Lost - Yes. I share that belief. I call it a God thing, like a little word sent from him... Others call it by different names... but it all comes down to the fact that sometimes, things are 'meant' for us. I think perhaps that applies to reading others' blogs too. I often come across something that I need to read or hear just by looking at blogs.
    I'm thinking of you too and hoping you can hold on to the message that somehow, everything's gonna be alright'.