Wednesday, 14 December 2011

It's twins...

Possibly because of Belgium and ridiculous EU rulings about the shapes and sizes of fruit and veg... Siamese tomatoes are in short supply...

... so it was worth a photo



  1. HI LOVE - great picture, and SO good to "see" you.
    Love Gail

  2. Hey.
    Made me smile.
    Hope you're finding time to smile occasionally, in the midst of it all.

  3. Gail - Hi and.. thanks.

    Wanda - You never need to apologise for being 'late'... Glad you like the pic!

    S - So glad it made you smile. And yes, I am. x

    Sarah - Hi! Like your smile!

  4. Love to see the humor . . . . and happy to know you are finding some . . . .

    love to you . . .


  5. Mel - My love to you too.
    Thank you for still being here. x

    Snoodle - This is one of the most touching comments I've ever read and it's so late at night that I'm too tired to write the reply it truely deserves.
    I recognise a maturity in your writing that belies your years, no doubt born of early suffering and loss. You express yourself beautifully and I understand very much where YOU are coming from.
    Thank you and bless you for your visit here and for your uplifting words. I'm so glad you have been inspired to begin your own blog journey in order to make sense of the path that has helped shape you so far.
    Take gentle care as you step forwards.