Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Social Comment - Proportion

Horrified mother's of too plump children spat and cursed; weight conscious women frantically defended a woman's right to look however she chooses; Men everywhere kept their heads down... 

Once again, the British media successfully caused an outcry last week when they gleefully sensationalised versions of designer Karl Lagerfeld's remark on Adele's weight. 

The all too emotive word 'FAT' was splashed over front pages right, left and centre and the worst possible angled shots of Adele placed underneath. 

Lagerfeld, demonised by the press as they subtly edited or paraphrased parts of the comment, must have wanted the ground to swallow him up.

Support for Adele had never hit such a high, and thank goodness because, in fairness, it WAS a bit of a stupid and thoughtless thing to say. Stupid and thoughtless however, is about the size of it. 
(Spot the pun)
The guy isn't a demon. He's not a terrible person. He doesn't deserve to be hung, drawn ad quartered.
He didn't just say she was 'too fat', as many of the papers implied. The comment, however crass and insensitive, was taken out of context in order to sensationalise an already highly controversial subject. 

And let's face it, Adele IS a little overweight.
(Okay... Put the shotguns away...)

No big deal.
So what? 
The average person on the high street is a little overweight.
Why should our celebs have to be different?

I'm glad that there was a public cry against the concept of 'the perfect figure'. 
I'm glad there was more recognition of the pressures put upon celebrities to be thin.

But I'm not glad that our press have, once again in a rush of greedy glee, apparently lost the notion of relative importance, and blown things far beyond their proportions. 


  1. Too much is based on the "perfect" body.

  2. Yes Wanda. It's an absurd society in which we live. Our values are skewed. We lack any sense of proportion. We give weight to things which are absolutely meaningless.
    It makes me so sad.
    Body consciousness is one of those things which, ultimately, when all is said and done, is utterly irrelevant to what really matters.
    Who is it that said that there was only love left at the end..?
    Have a feeling it's a quote from a film...
    Hope you are okay my dear.