Thursday, 15 August 2013

To Blog Anew or Not To Blog Anew...?

That is my question. Well... I've already started a new blog... It's different. Less personal. More hopeful. Not about me... about encouraging others who are recovering... I don't know where that leaves me here. I feel ashamed of my self-centred ramblings here. And yet... It seems like such a lot to just walk away from. 
 My weight is dropping and my mind is hurtling into the no man's land that sits between life and death. It is achingly desperate that my words can fly the banner of freedom, but my mouth won't be filled with the nourishment it needs. I am afraid that in a few months, my voice will be all there is. An empty echo. 
Heard but not seen.


  1. Hello love - I hope you don't let thjs blog is needed, you are needed, this has purpose and is a life-line. Come visit me, k?
    Love to you my brave friend

  2. Never feel guilty about revealing the truth, even if it is ugly. Your blog means a lot to me, because it is honest, and it is real. Hope can be a very real part of us at the same time as the pain. Allow yourself to be transparent in both areas, even if it is in two different venues. Please, keep blogging... and keep living.


  3. Angela- Sorry. I only just found your comment... probably didn't show up because it's on an older post.
    Just want to say thank you. I never know if anyone really reads here, apart from my amazing faithful blog friend, Gail! I s'pose I feel tired really... but that'll be the illness. Thank you so much for your comment. At the moment, I'm keeping two blogs, one marginally more positive, but to be honest, I share a lot of the posts.
    Hope you are well. X