Friday, 14 March 2014

Groundhog: Eat My Heart Out

The cycle of change seems perpetual and impossible to break out of.. The whispering of the Anorexia is so much louder than the voice of reason and recovery. The stupidest thing is that I fall for it time and time again. After years of the same tiresome thoughts and feelings; years of the illness telling me that I am piling on the pounds; that I am 'out of control' and that I look 'normal', I am STILL shocked when the scales disprove it. I am STILL more surprised by the hard facts, figures that plainly contradict the lies. 


  1. Hello love -
    and so be the nature of the disease - cunning, baffling and powerful. YO are stronger than it. Spring is almost here, feel the renewed warmth upon your beautiful face.
    Love to you

    1. Lovely Gail! You are so kind! Yes. Sadly, this IS the nature of the illness, and though I want to believe that I am stronger than it, the downward line on my weight chart says otherwise.
      I WANT to eat, I WANT to get better, in my head I FEEL like I'm eating lots, but when it comes down to actually putting food into my mouth, it just doesn't happen.
      Spring is a relief and I am still praying for the miracle of new life.
      Much love to you

  2. Hello love - I wrote to you on my blog. When you get a moment please take a look, k? My heart aches for you as I hear your pain and struggle to meet the huge challenges of this disease that grips you. Keep fighting, as do I, against the tide, against the truth, against the force. Please.....
    Love Gail