Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Don't s'pose you've got anything...

...calorie free?


  1. pickles...of course, eat enough of them and you will retain five pounds of water overnight... but then you can tell yourself it's just water weight.

  2. I am always looking myself. Coke Zero is my life line.

  3. Faith, Pickles?! Ugh! I hate all things vinigary! But... It was a good tip! Not sure I could cope with the water thing though! Think I wouldn't believe it and would have to know what i REALLY weighed!
    Wll reply to your other post soon... x

    ABM - Good to see your smile. x

    Wanda - Yes. I use Coke a lot too... Diet or Zero! x

  4. Of course you're not really looking for suggestions, right? You know all the tricks. They just don't really, really work. And you're frustrated. That you want to eat, that nothing is ok to eat. Yes?

  5. water. haha
    Sorry... I know its no joke. So often there are all kinds of things to eat and I don't want any of it. Other times I just give up and eat.
    It would be nice if food was just a pleasant experience... something to nourish the body and soul.
    I wonder if it can ever be like that?

  6. Hey WS...why do so many of us females live our lives denying denying denying...We limit what we can or can't eat...Sacrifice what we want for someone else...live to make others happy? I keep thinking what a friend told me a few weeks ago...life is meant to be lived not endured. Hang tight...

  7. haha

    I hope things are going well. I just found your blog. I hope you take care of yourself.