Saturday, 29 August 2009

First Therapy Break

My therapist is on a break; a two week break which means that I miss four sessions.The last session I had with her was... a difficult place to just 'drop therapy' for two weeks.

I've been informed by her that I have a "disorganised attachment disorder", and in all honesty, given the lack of organisation I practice generally, I'd say that there may be a fair chance this is true.
(Ok. So I am deliberately choosing to misunderstand her).
I don't know much about attachment disorder, other than it is to do with the way a child attaches to its mother during infanthood.
Having little more than a 2 gig memory, it's a strain to recall memories of events that happened 3 years ago, let alone memories of what it may have been like 30 odd years ago, so you'll forgive me if I am slightly cynical. A disorganised attachment though, is allegedly the result of having a mother who cannot (for whatever reason) meet the needs of her baby.

I always thought it was a sign of being incredibly well adjusted if you never really missed anyone while they were away.

Apparently not.

It's amazing how negative a spin the mental health profession can put on everything.
Like... washing your hands a lot can't just be 'a penchant for cleanliness'. Oh no. It has to be 'an OCD'.

Weary sigh.

I'm talking crap and I know it.

Just wanted to let the bricks in my walls have a few words so they feel like they are still important.

Thoughtful of me huh?


  1. Hehe Very thoughtful, not to mention generous, which means you're doing better than I do with the bricks!

    They've expanded the theories around attachment disorders in recent years -- it's not just infant relationships but later stuff as well. The pattern over the long term is what matters, apparently. Truthfully, it isn't the most well researched area in terms of adult relations. Childhood thru adolescent psych you'll find a *lot* of material on it, though. I wrote some essays on it once upon a time so if you're interested feel free to email and I can give you the download.
    Meanwhile, blame the walls. That's what they're their for ;)

    p.s. *love* your playlist. serious points for Shawn Mullins and Counting Crows. Nice!

  2. August does seem to be national (or global) therapist vacation month doesn't it? I was quite clear with my therapist on my visit before she left for two weeks that we would not be talking about anything more important or 'deep' than the price of bananas for the next 45 minutes. And so basically we merely chatted about things. Was nice actually.

    There is lots of info out there about attachment theory and it's actually rather interesting. I'd encourage you to read up on it a bit. I think it might provide a lot of insight for you.

  3. Hi there-

    a 2 - week break, huh? Enjoy it. :-) And attachment disorders? oh my. Well, labels can be so imprisoning, so be leery of "attaching" yourself to them. If you get a chance, try and read my blog post titled "Choice Theory"...... see how it 'fits' k?

    Love and peace

  4. CK - Thanks so much for reading. I might drop you a line if that would be ok, though if I don't it's just because I am being a bit scared and avoiding looking into things too much!
    So glad you like my CDs! Counting Crows are possibly top of my list and Shawn Mullins has a voice that could melt steel!

    Jss - I noted that tip down for next time, if there IS a next time! Thanks.
    I'm going to try my best to have a look at some things surounding attachment but it feels quite had to think about.
    Thank you, as always, for you reading and you kindness.

    Gail - You are so right about labels. I tend not to go with them to be honest... and to be fair to her, nor does my therapist.
    I have searched your blog for the choice therapy blog and just can't find it... Is it the whipping post one? Could you let me know whih month / year to look under? Thank you for being here.

  5. it's always hard to have a break in therapy. Rats those therapists needing a holiday! :)
    Stay safe. Sarah

  6. Hi Again -
    the re-post is dated April 16, 2009. "Choice Theory - A Re Post"

    I will look forward to hearing your thoughts.

    Love Gail