Saturday, 12 September 2009

And Speaking of Country... Sometimes music will reach what nothing else can.

Anything beyond work has felt very dark and frightening this week. I have been fighting to stay 'on my outside'.

I've been listening to Paul Brandt, a country favourite of mine. He has sung to me on every car journey I've made this week.
Very kind of him.

I'm posting one of many songs where I appreciate the sentiment but am uncertain about the theology. Nevertheless, it has helped to keep something in me alive and above water.

The song talks about how love will find us if we can just 'hold on'. This presents all sorts of, 'but shouldn't we take more responsibility and do the seaching rather than being pathetic and waiting to be found', thoughts in my head... But for just this week, I have had to ignore the questions and the disagreement and allow it to comfort me a little.

I used to know this love he sings about and a part of me knows it probably exists regardless of me and how I feel, but there was a time once where I felt it rather than just knew in my head.

From the album 'Risk', Paul Brandt singing a cover of Nordeman's song Hold On.

And I am...

He will find you when you've called in all your favours
He will meet you at the bridges highest ledge

So baby don't look down
It's a long way
The sun'll come around to a new day

So hold on
Love will find you
Hold on
He's right behind you now
Just turn around and love will find you


  1. Hi there -

    I really love this song and it's meaning of hope. And I so appreciate how the music "saves you"....for it has saved me many times - always there when I was alone, when I needed to feel more deeply, cry, laugh, believe, rage, remember, forget.and every swirl of emotion, thought, despair, celebration, agony, and question. I really, really loved this song. Thank you SO much for sharing this.

    Love Gail
    peace and music

  2. This is a great song of hope. Music is a wonderful way to keep going. I sorry you are having a rough week. "Hold on" you have so much going for you. {{{{HUGS}}}}}

  3. Lovely song. Since you've seen my site, you may have noticed I have an attachment to using visuals to round out the points I make in my posts. But a whole song is so much more evocative. Makes for a very pleasant visit. I see we both started the 'blogging' thing recently, you even more than me. You are doing profound work, as attested by the supportive and touching comments. I'm glad you dropped by my project, so now I know of yours.