Monday, 25 October 2010

Corm Before The Storm

Beautiful Cornwall.

The unexpected warmth of the late October sun; the flat, brilliantly clear light; the depth of blue... This is a place I'd really love to live someday.
My friends have been great. True friends. No terrible questions. Just simple observations and a couple of honest conversations, which in all fairness, is a lot more than I have had with most people in recent months.

I hadn't meant to eat or drink tonight, yet having succumbed to the call of alcohol, I've given in to both. I feel absolute despair right now.
I'm sure I must weigh so much.
I will never go away again without my scales.

Tomorrow I drive home and in some ways, I dread all that is waiting for me.
I wish I never needed anything but oxygen again.


  1. HI WS

    I love those pictures - so peaceful, subtle green, gray blue and beige stone - all so natural, earthy, safe. I would so love visiting there, with you.
    Please be okay and go to that appointment on Wednesday.

    I love you

  2. Gorgeous pictures. I am glad you have had some conversations beneficial to you. Thinking of you and hope whwn Wednesady arrives you do what is right for you.
    Love xxx
    Not sure whether I have told you about my blog stalking. I closed becoming myself and created a new one:

  3. these are beautiful pics...for me I always feel alive in nature...outside...near the water, the open sky etc. WS....I hear you...I hear the pain...the emptiness...the fears....the wandering.... - sending you the hope I have now....and praying somehow it clicks into your soul...even just a spark. I know where I low I had fallen and where I am now....Holding out that hope to you....hang tight your corner....

  4. Just want to say hi, thinking about you. Tomorrow's going to be hard. But I'll bet last Thursday night was no picnic. Tomorrow will be better than that.

  5. Those are beautiful photos. We have nothing like that here. I am thinking of you and will be thinking of you Wednesday.


  6. Hi again,

    I realize I'm waiting expectantly for news. I'm really sorry about that, I don't want to add to your stress. Hopefully you are not worrying about responding to me or updating the blog. I do want to know how you are; but what I want to know is absolutely unimportant in the big picture. I hope you can not feel pressure from this source, and just focus on doing what you need to do. Hugs.