Friday, 27 November 2009

And in other news....

Lately I have needed to sit very quietly, with my knees, encircled by my arms, pulled tight into my chest.
I'd give an update of therapy but my eyelids seem to have suddeunly been overwhelmed by uncontrollable graitational forces.

Perhaps tomorrow.

This week I have:
Accidentally order a pair of very expensive Caterpiller boots off Amazon.
Been shocked by a huge hornbeam tree falling down across the garden
in the high winds.
Drunk Ginger wine every night.
Bought a (bargain price) nice bottle of whisky in ASDA
Eaten a lot of sweets and chocolate.
Not slept very well.
Cut myself in a very superficial and controlled way.
Worn a vest everyday because the heating at work has gone bust.
Taught 3 new kids.
Been to the dentist and been told I will need to have surgery on my
gum in the future.
Been to book club.
Seen a friend who has been living abroad for 2 years.
Been asked out to dinner by a guy in the gym. (Not my type, sadly)
Been very stressed at work.


  1. Sounds like most of the week was productive. Please take care of yourself.

  2. is Ginger wine nice? i've never tried it but it sounds quite tasty. and warming, doubtless though that's less of a plus here, where it's about 30'C today.

    *hugs* i do that sometimes... sit curled up like that. it's comfortable and it helps me feel protected. don't expect either of us has much to do with that feeling normally so maybe it's not such a bad thing, once in a while.

    hope you get some decent sleep soon, hun. and as above take good and gentle care :)

  3. Wanda - Yes! Thanks... For the most part it was productive.. and the boots really are very nice!! ;)

    CK - Ya... I'm guessing Ginger Win isn't really needed in Oz (!) but to answer your qu... Yes! Ginger wine is lovely and has a comforting warm kick to it! I really recommend giving it a try just because it is so soothing.

    Thanks for knowing the feeling. x