Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Cottage In The Woods

Yes. It's quite true!
My therapist lives in a cottage in the woods.
It really is like something out of a Hans Christian Anderson tale!

I suppose it could be symbolic, although I have never thought it to be before writng it here.

By six o'clock on these evenings, the grey dark has already been draped around the woods and the blackened trees tower, sinister, hoodless figures of forboding. The smell of damp, rotten leaves and lichen is comforting in the cold, and as I step out of the car a heavy, woody, quiet muffles in my ears.

The lines of the cottage have the blurred glow of the aura on the edge of a flame. Pumpkin light seeps from therapy room window.

There is space here for metaphors to bound like excited kids on an autumn forest walk but, I have to say, the golden light that draws a part of me into that room often feels like a trap and, once inside, I am frequently faced with a darkness and fear much greater than a night alone in a cold fingered forest.

That's the story of the little cottage in the woods.

And yes. There is a magic about it somehow, despite (or perhaps, in part, because of) the plunging fear that accompanies and enshrouds the place.


  1. HI-

    Oh my you write so beautifully - so honestly and so inspirationally - yes YOU! :-) I can see and feel and smell and be consumed by the images of your words - such a gift. "thank you".

    Love Gail

  2. I agree with Gail -you do write amazingly awesome. the imagery is great....Ok, now I want to know who is this "therapist" that lives so secluded in the woods. I'd be so afraid out there....I think you're totally brave - brave for going to this little cottage in the woods and brave for bringing your shame, your fear, your emotions to the "therapy room."

  3. What a beautiful portrait of your healing place!
    Blessings, andrea

  4. Wonderful description of the cottage in the woods. I understand some of that fear.

  5. Wow. How inspiring. may healing continue. Safe hugs.

  6. Spirit Seekers know the quest. From despair they do part and heed well the calling heart.