Sunday, 9 January 2011

Therapy - The Return

Somehow, the monster had fallen asleep in the overlooked shadows of the cave.
And the cave, in it's way, had forgotten the echoes of it's clawing and shrieking; forgotten even the heavy thuds of the desperate turning as it tore deeper at the gashes of its matted flesh.

The cave fast forgot and its rock surface smoothed soft.

In the Friday floodlight, the cave prayed for dimmer light as the monster stirred.

"You're censoring a lot", said The Woman - (not a question, you'll notice).

I nod dumbly. Then I jest, "Just taking it easy".

Really though, I'm afraid to wake something up.


My worst enemy.

Need breeds need.


  1. Need definitely breeds need.

    Maybe the monster isn't as powerful as it once was. Maybe you are stronger.

    Courage triumphs, though it's always easier to encourage from afar than to practice it yourself.

  2. Hmm, interesting. While I very much understand the fear of need - I have it myself - my thinking about it has evolved somewhat.

    I do not think it something that must be overcome by courage or sheer force of will or power but rather I see need as a facet of normal, human development. We have needs plain and simple. It is part of what makes us human. We have need for love and human relationships and we have need for the other in the context of our relationship with them to hold up their end of that bargain... the need bargain.

    Courage does not triumph over need but rather courage allows us to look at ourselves understand our need and seek it out in appropriate ways with appropriate people.

  3. HI WS-
    you are brave - still fighting - you have a need/desire to be well. Keep fighting.
    Love to you always

  4. I have been wondering these days what 'need' wants. It feels desperate to me, overwhelming even. I'm also wondering if I let it be what it is and look it in the eye will it become helpful to me? Hard.

    I am thinking of you...

  5. I was terrified to 'need.' Funny how I did everything to silence even its whimper...throw up, shoot up...cut. Need is huge...The monster inside....I discovered was a child...scared...lonely...crying. hang tight your corner...